me and yoga

With yoga it started quite casually… I was in the office, got an e-mail inviting for a weekly lunch yoga class at my workplace, turned to my neighbour colleague friend, asked her: shall we try? … and so we did… without much of conviction.

But it happened to be one of the best “yes” of my life.

At that time I had been already practising regular meditation for a year, and never really looked into yoga as hatha yoga, but I immediately understood it and so I started first reading, practicing more and more… and finally decided to get some more knowledge through a yoga teacher training.

I did the training for myself in first place, without thinking about teaching afterwards, but then I tried and decided that I wanted to share this piece of me with others.

On top of that, I had quite an accident in summer 2018, and I am truly convinced that if I first stayed alive and then recovered so fast is also thanks to Yoga that made my physical and mental resources stronger in the last years… one reason more to spread it.

What else about me?

Vegetarian: one of the best things you can do for the environment… and yourself… is going vegetarian!

Nature lover and outdoors passionate

A great travel organizer, and traveller



  • Yoga for Seniors, “Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre”, Orlèans, France (2019)

  • “Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum”, Reith, Austria (2018)

  • Anatomy for Yoga, by Paul Grilley, online (2018)

  • Yin Yoga, by Paul Grilley, online (2018)

  • 200 Yoga Teacher Training “Sanapurna”, Zürich (2017)

  • Meditation Course, "Meditation in Zürich" (2016)

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineer, Università degli Studi di Udine (2010)


Practitioners say

“To me, practicing yoga with Erika deals with: intense work on my body and mind and a relaxing moment in a friendly atmosphere.

What I like about practicing yoga with Erika is that she makes you experience different types of Yoga and always comes up with some new challenging postures. She also explains all the different benefites of the postures.

At the beginning of the session she aks if we have any wish and she adapt to any eventual request. That is a pure moment dedicated to myself! I love it! “


“If you are interested in yoga, I highly recommend Erika. She is a wonderful teacher and person. Her instructions are easy to follow and she gives each student individual attention with each pose.

She obviously knows her anatomy and explains how the poses benefit the part of the body. Not only I have gained strengh and flexibility, but I leave Erika's classes with renewed energy, a peaceful sense of well-being and a clear mind.

Through this experience, I am convinced that everyone should practice yoga and if possible with Erika.”


Special Thanks to

My first yoga teacher

My teacher training school and teachers

My favourite teacher in Zürich, Rajesh

… and especially to all who supported me, by giving me time and space for yoga, by practicing with me or asking me to teach, by listening about yoga, and by believing in me.

Thanks to my students who give me the opportunity to learn as I teach, and motivate me to become a better teacher and a better person.